Update inzameling geld aardbeving

Nog elke dag zijn Bina en de leraren bezig om de levens van alle OGN kinderen en -families op orde te krijgen. Het tot nu toe ingezamelde geld door onze stichting (inmiddels ruim €38.000 !!) wordt goed gebruikt door Orchid Garden.

Regelmatig krijgen wij updates van het bestede geld. Lees de verhalen van diverse families die met uw geld worden geholpen:

Tara en Kamal
Sita Maya Tamang
Maiya Aryal
Kumar en Meena Magrati
Chabilal Gharti Magar en Chuma
Bishnu Mijar

Bina wil iedereen bedanken en schreef een brief:

Dear All,

Thank you so much for your donation to Orchid Garden Nepal (OGN) Earthquake Relief Fund. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who took the time to think of the victims and did something to help them. Your kind heart and generosity has touched us deeply. The compassion with which you have supported our relief effort will be felt by those most affected by the earthquake. The earthquake may destroy homes, but it will never destroy the spirit of the people. Your love, care and support will make them strong, help them overcome grief and rebuild their homes and running their daily lives ahead.

The special thank you to those younger’s who have a common idea and managed their time energy and finally make it possible. Orchid Garden Nepal wants to give big hug and appreciate to their hard work and commitment.

In this moment I would like to give big thank to the team of OGN also put on very hard effort to complete this task with some challenges. The major challenges are identifying the real victims and their need assessment. Next one is delivery of furniture and other support on time. It is very difficult for procurement team; they had to move any time for shopping because it was difficult to find the shop and all goods in one place. In fact OGN team, where senior children, staffs and volunteers were involved and they had provided the best support to the victim on time.

For your kind information Orchid Garden Nepal supported eight families from your fund. The support was provided by field visit, assist the need and the need was filled on the bases of assessment.

Once again thank you and anticipating your cooperation.

Best Regards

Bina Basnet
Founder President Orchid Garden Nepal